Training at the VWMA


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in necessary restrictions on indoor gatherings. The VWMA, therefore, will not be able to offer face to face training for drivers for prescribed industrial waste until the current restrictions are eased.

To ensure drivers who either require their certificates to be reissued (certificate is about to expire) or require a new certificate to be issued the VWMA has developed the course so it can be delivered via distance learning.

If you wish to be trained or have any employees who wish to be trained, can you please complete the attached form. We will then contact you to arrange your training.

The Victorian Waste Management Association offers a range of waste industry specific training courses. The courses are delivered at the VTA/VWMA office in Port Melbourne and regional centres.  On-site training can also be delivered with 10 or more people.  Please contact the office on 9646 8590 to discuss.

The courses on offer include:

  • Prescribed Industrial Waste – these are run as per the below timetable
  • Working Safely near Overhead Wires – by arrangement – contact the office

Click HERE to download a Prescribed Industrial Waste training registration form.


Permit to transport prescribed industrial waste – EPA Guidelines (including details for vehicle permits) – click here to access the EPA information.

This guideline explains EPA’s vehicle permitting application process in relation to the transport of prescribed industrial waste in Victoria. It forms part of the Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines, which offer guidance for wastes and resources regulated under the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009.

To find out more about the PIW training, click  HERE .

Course dates:

    2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020            
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun