VWMA Prescribed Industrial Waste Training

All drivers transporting Prescribed Industrial Waste (PIW) in Victoria must receive a vehicle permit. This permit is provided by the Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA). 

Click here to download a Prescribed Industrial Waste Training Registration form.


  Due to the COVID-19 situation accreditation is by mail

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in necessary restrictions on indoor gatherings. Therefore, we are unable to offer face-to-face training for drivers until the current restrictions are eased.

To ensure drivers who either require training to enable their certificates to be re-issued (certificates last three years) or require training to enable a new certificate to be issued, the VWMA has developed a course pack which will be mailed to your driver.

Once restrictions ease, face to face PIW training will resume.

How long will the course take?

PIW Certificate takes one full day. The postage distance course can be completed when the driver is available. Once a registration and payment is received, certification typically takes five to seven days.

What is Prescribed Industrial Waste?

Common Prescribed Industrial Wastes include;

  • All medical waste,
  • asbestos and asbestos contaminated materials,
  • Architectural and decorative paint,
  • Contaminated soil (Category A, B, C), and
  • Used oil filters.

When transporting flammable, dangerous or toxic materials, in some cases you may also need a Dangerous Goods Licence.

All Prescribed Industrial Waste must go to a facility licenced to receive it. It must also be tracked via the EPA Digital Waste Tracking Tool.

Movement of Prescribed Industrial Waste between States and Territories

The EPA provides advice to prescribed industrial waste (PIW) producers, consignors, transporters and receivers on their obligations and the steps to follow for movements of PIW from Victoria to another Australian State or Territory.

Where can I ask questions?

For further information email reception@vta.com.au or call us on 03 9646 8590.

Our office hours are 9am until 4.30pm – Monday to Friday.