Bernadette Dillon – Tequa Plumbing & Civil


  • About Bernadette

    As the Liquid Waste Manager at Tequa I thrive in cultivating robust client relationships and problem-solving.  I aim to consistently deliver successful outcomes, particularly within my vibrant community of Gippsland. This extends beyond individual client interactions, as I actively contribute to the growth of the local business community and work to strengthen the overall region.

    My aim is to be a catalyst for success, fostering connections, and driving positive change in Gippsland

    About Tequa

    Tequa is Gippsland’s leading multifaceted Plumbing, Civil and Construction business, and now adding Liquid as its newest department. Operating for 50 years and providing creative outcomes for the domestic, commercial, Industrial and land development sectors.

    Our diverse team of over 100 employees enables us to handle various projects, from the smallest domestic jobs to large-scale, multi-million dollar commercial and industrial undertakings.




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