Adrien Scott – President – Solo Resource Recovery


  • Adrien Scott –– State Manager VIC – Solo Resource Recovery

        • October 2018 to February 2023 VWMA President
        • February 2023 to February 2024 VWMA Vice President
        • February 2024 to today VWMA President


    Adrien has been in the Supply Chain, Transport and Warehouse business for over 25 years across many materials, commodities and products. He has been in the Waste Industry specifically since 2014. He has led businesses through many a transformational change program geared around culture, safety, growth and acquisition. Providing strategic leadership by working with the Management Teams to establish, implement and oversee the medium and long-range targeted goals, plans and overall responsibility  for P&L. A focus to solution driven outcomes, customer satisfaction through delivered programs on time and budget.

    As State Manager for Solo, he is directly working to generate relationships with Local Government Associations for kerbside solutions, scheduled services for kerbside collections, transfer station and landfill operations. Looking now to the future with Waste to Energy, Zero Tail Pipe or Emissions EV-Hydrogen truck developments and decreasing our carbon footprints yet remaining financially and environmentally sustainable.

    Adrien was also the VWMA President from February 2018 to May 2023. These years encompassed some significant changes in the Waste Sector with the collapse of SKM, EPA VIC Act changes, reviews of Stockpiling Regulations and throughout the covid period working with State and Local Government to maintain uninterrupted essential service delivery. Recent years have seen the introduction of joining various working and industry consultation groups, committees and panels within State Govt and Commercial sector.

    Adrien is always looking to challenge the normal and seek improvement in himself and others, and seeks to see a safer, secure, improved and profitable Waste Industry.




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