The VWMA is aware that on the 14th of September, the EPA sent out a request for Waste Acceptance forms from relevant organisations, and the closing day for submissions is the 30th of September.

Previously this information was gathered by the Annual Performance Statement (APS).

The relevant information page on the EPA’s website was only updated on Tuesday the 13th of September 2022.

Licence holders have to compile their own records from their internal systems and waste tracker. This is quite time-consuming, especially whilst Waste Tracker does not allow the export of records into any external format such as excel.

Also, many licence holders across the sector are already experiencing staff shortages.

On top of this resource shortage, the two-week time period provided by the EPA for submission deadlines includes a short 3-day work week due to the Queen’s Memorial and Football Grand final Public Holidays and the commencement of the school holiday period.

Whilst the form itself is not intensive to fill out and has been simplified, we are respectfully requesting that the EPA take into consideration the issues raised above and extend the response deadline for an additional two weeks to the 14th of October 2022.

We will update you in due course with the response from the EPA.

Brett Lemin – Executive Officer 

Victorian Waste Management Association – www.vwma.com.au
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