SG Fleet

sgfleet is an industry leader in asset management and fleet leasing solutions with over 25 years of experience and 80,000 units under management. Services include:
• Finance, novated and operating leases.
• Fleet management support.
Funding options cover the broad spectrum of: • Passenger cars and light commercials
• Trucks, trailers and ancillaries, earthmoving sgfleet’s whole of life management incorporates:
• Funding, maintenance &
repairs, breakdowns, real time data logging, registrations, tolls and infringements Operating Lease has compelling benefits including:
• Fixed payments, flexible lease options and
improved cash flow
• Off balance sheet reporting with tax
deductible rental payments
• Competitive equipment purchasing
with no risk asset sale
Contact Cameron McClure on phone: 03 8480 1300 or email cmcclure@sgfleet.com www.sgfleet.com