Industry welcomes COAG recycling pledge

The VWMA welcomes the Morrison Government’s pledge to ban the export of waste plastic, paper, glass and tyres, while at the same time developing Australia’s capacity to generate high value recycled commodities.

The Victorian Waste Management Association has long called for all levels of government to work together with the private sector and other key stakeholders on a sustainable solution to the state’s ongoing recycling challenge.

VWMA Executive Officer, Mark Smith, says that this announcement will help to create market certainty amongst the private sector, which is the biggest investor in Victoria’s waste management.

“For too long there’s been an air of uncertainty around Victoria’s recycling challenge, fuelled by finger pointing and short-sighted solutions, so it’s promising to see the Council of Australian Governments agree on the urgent need for a new approach,” Mr Smith said.

“In order to successfully manage our waste needs, now and into the future, we need appropriate investment in the people, system, processes and education and engagement to drive sustainable change – and business has an integral role to play in that as the primary employer, purchasers and
manager of waste and recycling assets across Victoria and Australia.

“The private sector supports more than 23,000 Victorian jobs and invests over $800M into waste and recycling services and infrastructure annually. COAG’s agreement to build the sector’s capacity to collect, recycle, reuse, convert and recover waste will be very welcome and serve as a catalyst for
investment and innovation.

“While it’s still very early days, this announcement is definitely a big step in the right direction, and the VWMA looks forward to continuing to work with local and state government, as well as councils and other expert bodies, to arrive at a solution that benefits all Australians.”