Industry Issues

March 2021 – Draft Victorian Waste Determinations

The association supports best practices for the recovery of waste into resources. However, we believe prescriptive standards do not have sufficient flexibility to allow for innovation in the market. Instead, the association is arguing for risk-based standards that ensure all practical and reasonable measures have been taken to protect human health and the environment.

January 2021 – Tenders must be fair, and aim to maximize competition

In regards to the Gippsland Waste and Resource Recovery Group’s application for a 22-year organics processing tender, the VWMA has argued for a position that maximises competition and innovation.

January 2021 – Financial assurances must not hinder growth in recycling

In regard to ‘Developing new financial assurance guidance for the waste resource recovery sector’, the VWMA believes this imposition on businesses in an inappropriate solution to the problem; to protect the State from unfunded liabilities from site abandonment and clean up.

More specifically, the industry is concerned that the imposition of bank guarantees will lock up working capital that could otherwise be invested in jobs, infrastructure, training, safety programs and market development for recycled materials.

Read our submission here.

November 2020 – Industry’s preferred design for a Victorian Container Deposit Scheme

The VWMA has argued for a CDS Scheme that aims to maximise; litter reduction, recycling, and metro and regional jobs.

8 October 2020 – Submission on the formation of the waste authority

This letter describes industry’s preferred position the ‘Waste and recycling legislation and governance – Options Paper’, which provides a blueprint to form the Waste Authority.

22 July 2020 – Submission on the Financial Assurances Options Paper for Victoria

A response to the Centre for International Economics Financial Risk Management – Proposed Options for Financial Assurances for Victorian Waste and Recycling Businesses.

12 July 2020 – Response to the Waste to Energy Cap

A response to the waste to energy cap as part of Recycling Victoria.

27 October 2017 – The Victorian Senate’s Environment Committee

The VWMA has provided a submission to the Senate’s Environment Committee on waste issues (including levies, interstate transport and general economic health of the sector). You can read the submission HERE