CDS Vic to Commence on 1st Of November 2023

Minister for Environment Ingrid Stitt last week announced that Victoria’s container deposit scheme, CDS Vic, is set to start on 1 November 2023. 

The Minister also announced the appointment of the Scheme Coordinator, VicReturn, and three Network Operators – Visy, TOMRA Cleanaway and Re.Turn It.  

This marks a significant milestone towards the start of the scheme. Together the Scheme Coordinator and the Network Operators will be responsible for delivering the scheme and for providing a network of refund collection points across the State to support the scheme’s effective operation. 

Under CDS Vic, Victorians will be able to return drink cans, bottles and cartons for recycling, and receive a 10-cent refund, reducing Victoria’s litter by up to half. 

The scheme will significantly increase the volume and quality of recycling, reduce waste, and create new economic opportunities. The CDS’s operations are expected to generate over 640 direct jobs. 

CDS Vic is a key component of the Victorian Government’s ambitious reforms to transform Victoria’s recycling system and establish a thriving circular economy.  The Government is investing $515 million to transform our recycling sector in line with the Recycling Victoria: a new economy policy and action plan. 

Read the Premier’s media release to find out more. 

Recycling Victoria’s role in CDS Vic

Recycling Victoria is responsible for the oversight and regulation of CDS Vic.  

Recycling Victoria plays a key role in:

  • managing, monitoring and ensuring compliance  with scheme coordinator and network operator agreements (which are the basis for what they will deliver to establish and operate CDS Vic).
  • ensuring compliance with associated Circular Economy (Waste Reduction and Recycling) Act 2021 provisions 
  • making decisions in relation to “first suppliers” and “eligible containers”
  • publishing any necessary guidelines and issuing directions to scheme participants
  • establishing branding and marketing guidelines for CDS Vic
  • collecting information and providing advice to the Victorian Government
  • taking action where compliance and other issues are identified.  

Network Operator zones
Victoria is divided into 6 CDS zones with each Network Operator responsible for establishing and maintaining refund collection points in 2 zones. 

Collection points
Network Operators will be responsible for establishing and maintaining a network of refund collection points in their appointed zones.

Businesses, charities, community groups and local governments can operate collection points by sub-contracting to Network Operators.  

As part of the procurement process, Network Operators were required to demonstrate how they will support businesses, charities, community groups and local governments to participate in CDS Vic.

Network Operators will provide more information on how to register interest to be a collection point operator in the coming months.

For more information contact the Scheme Coordinator, VicReturn or one of the 3 Network Operators below. 




www.visy.com.au Recycling Victoria, together with the Scheme Coordinator and Network Operators, will work closely with stakeholders to ready CDS Vic for commencement on 1 November 2023.