Hannah Taylor

Hi I’m Hannah and I currently work for Secon Freight Logistics.
I have been a part of the company now for four months and enjoy learning more and more every day. Secon is a freight logistics company who specialise in Wharf Transport, Warehousing, Containerisation, Sidelifting and the running of Australian Customs and AQIS approved warehouses and depots. I am currently working in the sales and marketing area, quoting clients and arranging meetings. I get to go out on the road meeting with clients and sourcing more work.
I have no previous knowledge of the industry a part from what my older brother has told me, and I was quick to learn that this would have to be one of the largest industries growing worldwide.
The Cadetship program has given me the right balance of work and study allowing me to learn on the floor as I go through the program. Everyone involved, Rosie (teacher), Leni (VTA), and my mentors at Secon have made it easy for me to achieve what I wish and ensure I do my very best in my studies. I would recommend this program to anyone and I look forward to finishing the program.