Demi Djemal

My experience so far with the VTA Cadetship has been an amazing and rewarding journey.

Being able to work full time whilst attending TAFE has challenged me and has been a really eye opening experience. I am not the type of person to study or sit exams; so I knew this would be the perfect balance for me.

Prior to this program, I knew nothing about logistics. During year 12 I was really unsure of what to do once school finished. Luckily, I was spoken to about the VTA Cadetship and I thought that working full time (gaining work experience) whilst given the time to attend TAFE (gaining knowledge) was an amazing opportunity.

I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a global company called DP World – which has opened my eyes to the port side of logistics and has allowed me to constantly learn and experience new things every day. I feel so privileged to be able to wake up and be excited to go to work.

I am involved in a lot of hands on projects and have been given the responsibility to complete daily reports for the terminal, as well as being rotated around the different departments. DP World has involved me in everything they do; they really treat me equally and as if I’ve been there for years – I feel really comfortable.

My TAFE teacher, Rosie Cirillo, is amazing at what she does and what she brings to the class room. Because of her many years of experience whilst working in different areas of the logistics industry, she is able to provide us with genuine, valuable information as well as making class enjoyable and interactive.

Leni, a member of the VTA, has been by all the Cadets side since day one. She is amazing as she is constantly checking up on us to see how we are going – I was so amazed at the support she gives and her genuine, caring personality.

In the logistics industry, it’s never the same day which is what I love about it! I would recommend the VTA Cadetship program to anyone who is up for a fun, different, and exciting challenge.