Alcolizer Technology is a world-leader in
the field of Alcohol and other Drugs (AOD) testing and is recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative and forward-thinking companys.
Alcolizer is the largest provider of Breath Testing devices to Australian Police and the largest provider to the Australian Resource and Transport sector. Its products are built in Australia, for Australia, but shipped around the world wherever people value quality, reliability and innovation.
Alcolizer believes alcohol and drug testing is critical for personal safety and a safe and productive work place. So whether you are a law enforcement agency, need industrial-scale testing or are a personal user, you can trust Alcolizer Technology
to be at the forefront of alcohol and other drugs testing technology, with world class products and services to support you wherever you are.
It’s time to talk about alcohol and other drugs. It’s time to talk to Alcolizer.
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